Saturday, February 25, 2006

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the home of CNN, so I took a tour of the studios. I could never work there because people on the tour can see everything that you are doing. For the record, the tour guides don't like it when you call it Chicken Noodle News.
This weekend, I am working at The Punchline in Atlanta this week with Steve McGrew. He is a great guy that you should see when he comes to your city.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Blacksburg, VA

Shortly after getting to Blacksburg, VA, I made a trip to the athletic department to see what "Beamer Ball" had created. There is an empty trophy case with a sign that reads, "This space reserved for the National Championship Trophy. GO HOKIES!"

Ironically, the section reserved for football player arrest warrants was completely full.

(Jeff, Catherine, Danny, me, Kenny)

I had a great time performing in Blacksburg, VA. I really appreciated my friends Jeff and Catherine coming to the show and letting me crash their Campus Crusade lunch. It was also great to have my cousins Danny and Kenny take time away from their Virginia Tech engineering studies to see me perform live.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

Clinton County, IL

Another great run of the Clinton County Comedy Tour ended tonight with a great show at Jailhouse Rock. The crowd really enjoyed my good friends Mike Armstrong and Chris White. Last night was a lot of fun at Jimmy T’s, thanks to Jim Thole.

(Chris, Mike, Jim, me)

It is always fun to do radio and it was especially fun being with Moose on WDLJ and Scott Patric on WCXO yesterday morning.