Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bob & Tom Radio Show

I was a guest on the nationally-syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show for the second time. It was fun to be on the show with my good friend Mike Armstrong. Tom continues to marvel at the fact that I gave up my career as a CPA to be a comedian but it certainly provides a large target for them to get laughs. That target got even bigger when I told them about playing the trombone in the Notre Dame marching band: "I thought accounting was going to make me way too cool, so I decided to geek it up a little bit with some band".

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sioux Falls, SD

I just spent the entire day driving 750 miles with my good friend Dan Davidson, listening to him repeatedly sing Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual". Dan and I were working together at Nitwits Comedy Club in Sioux Falls, SD. The highlight of the week was sweating out the Notre Dame win over Georgia Tech. Just to see how I would react during my set, Dan sent me a note that said that Notre Dame had lost. Any true sports fan will tell you that this is never funny, especially when that sports fan is on stage at a comedy show. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts, so I decided that the entire crowd should join me in a moment of silence. Of course, no one in Sioux Falls cares much about college football, let alone knew that Notre Dame was playing that day, so it was the perfect moment for all the staff and other comedians to laugh hysterically.