Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bob & Tom Radio Show again

I was a guest on the nationally-syndicated Bob & Tom Show for three hours this morning. It was nice being the only guest on the show but it also meant I had to be ready at all times.

Tom continues to give me a hard time about being a single accountant. Even though it is radio and most people do not actually see me, I wore the shirt and tie combination to really bring my character to life. It seemed to go over well and I appreciated all the emails I got from listeners.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Syracuse, NY

I spent last weekend in Syracuse, NY at Wise Guys Comedy Club. The crowds were a lot of fun when they finally got over their inferiority complex about Syracuse. I understand your city gets made fun of a lot but that doesn't mean you shouldn't laugh at a good TransAm joke. Gomez, a local radio DJ, emceed some shows. He had a joke that referred to a lacrosse stick. Only in Syracuse.

When I visited the gigantic mall, I noticed that there were a fair of guys that looked like the construction worker in Happy Gilmore.

I asked someone at the comedy club if the mall is where the goofy looking people hang out. The exact response, "No. Central New York is where the goofy looking people hang out". Well that explains a lot.

There was a lady at one show who took a ton of pictures. She even has a blog about the show. My favorite part of the blog is how she thinks she was picked on because she was sitting close to the stage, not because she was taking hundreds of flash pictures during the show.

It was also fun doing radio with headliner Sheila Kay on Movin100.3. They were a great morning show that helped plug my entry in the TurboTax contest.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Appleton, WI

If you have never seen snow, then go to Appleton right now. It snowed 8 inches when I was there and another 12 inches the day I left. Unbelievable. It has snowed so much there that they actually ran out of salt to put on the roads!

My favorite thing about Appleton continues to be the fact that they have parking meters in their public library parking lot. Free parking is everywhere near the bars. That's right, you have to pay to learn but not to drink.

The shows at Skyline Comedy Cafe were a lot of fun. I really appreciate everyone coming out in such harsh weather.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clinton County Comedy Tour

The Clinton County Comedy Tour with John Garrett had another successful run this weekend. Highland even welcomed the shows. I realize this isn't Clinton County, but I thought they really needed a laugh. Headliner Mario DiGiorgio was a huge success, so I am happy my good friend was able to book these shows.

I always write a unique Top 10 for each tour. For those that do not know, the State of Illinois recently passed a ban on smoking in bars. While this may seem bad for some of you, think about what could have been banned.

Top 10 Items That Could Have Been Banned
From Clinton County Bars
written by John Garrett (

10. Camouflage because this means less people in a bar smelling like deer piss.

9. Cowboy hats because your horse isn't parked out front, Partner.

8. Can Coolies – especially wedding ones because there's no need to show off that you were at Randy's wedding. Odds are everyone else was there, too.

7. Chewing tobacco because no one wants to accidentally drink your spit can.

6. Babies because they don't need a drink until they learn to walk.

5. Middle-aged Ladies' Night Out because falling down while dancing to Baby Got Back is embarrassing. I don't like big butts and I don't lie.

4. Cover Bands because the only difference between you and a DJ is a DJ knows more songs.

3. County League Softball Jerseys – both Men's and Women's because either way, it's less testosterone.

2. Comedy because these Top 10's really get people riled up.

and the number one item that could have been banned...

1. Anything Mater Dei because, well, do we really need a reason?