Monday, February 25, 2008

Syracuse, NY

I spent last weekend in Syracuse, NY at Wise Guys Comedy Club. The crowds were a lot of fun when they finally got over their inferiority complex about Syracuse. I understand your city gets made fun of a lot but that doesn't mean you shouldn't laugh at a good TransAm joke. Gomez, a local radio DJ, emceed some shows. He had a joke that referred to a lacrosse stick. Only in Syracuse.

When I visited the gigantic mall, I noticed that there were a fair of guys that looked like the construction worker in Happy Gilmore.

I asked someone at the comedy club if the mall is where the goofy looking people hang out. The exact response, "No. Central New York is where the goofy looking people hang out". Well that explains a lot.

There was a lady at one show who took a ton of pictures. She even has a blog about the show. My favorite part of the blog is how she thinks she was picked on because she was sitting close to the stage, not because she was taking hundreds of flash pictures during the show.

It was also fun doing radio with headliner Sheila Kay on Movin100.3. They were a great morning show that helped plug my entry in the TurboTax contest.


Greeneyezz said...


John, I'm the lady you refer to with the 'flashing' camera!!

What!!!???? Seeing Spots in your eyes so you can't see the audience didn't just add to the whole Syracuse Experience! ;)

Oooops! Sorry, I had just got that camera and was pretty excited to use it.

You're a funny gentleman, we had a great time! ;)


william said...


As a "friend" of Greeneyezz....I must insist that she really was completely unaware that she was taking so many pictures. It's the new camera syndrome....if only you had seen her before try to take pictures with her camera phone.....every picture was a 3-4 time re-take...oops...i was shaking....oops...too dark!

At least now...we are done after the first photo!

By the way...nice show...but the trans am joke really has to go!