Saturday, January 27, 2007

Charleston, WV

This was a pretty weird week. I did a show at the University of Charleston in Charleston, WV. It used to be called Morris Harvey University until they lost their religion and moved across the river. It might be more complicated than that but I am positive no one from there is reading this blog because the university's internet doesn't even work.

Check out the pickup truck I passed on the way there. "Ain't Scared" -- of what? You are a white guy driving a pickup truck in Kentucky. I hope this guy doesn't know where to vote.

I followed that up with a show at Bear's Place in Bloomington, IN where a girl up front seemed to have a few jokes hit a little too close to home. What are the odds of having a Canadian girl with a belly-button ring and a tattoo in the crowd? Apparently pretty good in Bloomington, IN. Had she also been in the marching band, I am pretty sure the end of the world would have started right then.

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