Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour in Syracuse, NY

I was fortunate enough to be performing in Syracuse, NY this weekend. I always have a fun time there and appreciate the great audiences.

This trip was even more gratifying because I was on stage while "Earth Hour" was happening. Some person thought it would be a great idea to have everyone turn off their lights and use no electricity for an hour. Of course, the hour they picked had to be at night, when it is dark outside!

I did not cooperate with this crazy scheme mostly because there are Americans on the space station right now. I can only imagine their reaction when they would look down and see the entire country (by time zone) pitch black. The last thing I want is for some poor astronaut who has to drink purified urine to start thinking that terrorists have blown all the power stations. Then, one hour later all the lights come on. April Fool's!

So it was with great satisfaction that during "Earth Hour", I was standing under large spotlights and using an electric sound system to entertain the good people of Syracuse.

You're welcome, astronauts.