Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lancaster, PA

The snow seems to be following me wherever I go as the Philadelphia area got several inches on Friday.

This made it pretty exciting to drive in my top of the line Chevy Cobalt. How is it possible that a car can calculate the miles I can drive before running out of gas but doesn't have power windows or power locks? Hey National Car Rental, get someone else to choose your car features.

On my drive from the Philadelphia Airport to Lancaster, I was behind a Colonial Electric Supply truck for a bit. I couldn't help but notice their logo might be the worst in the history of corporate logos. It's a picture of a colonial guy lighting a street lamp -- with fire. Not sure if they know but this has absolutely nothing to do with "electric supply".

As I got closer to Lancaster, I drove by Christ's Home Office. I guess the flexible work schedule has made it's way to Heaven and Jesus has decided to work from home a few times a week. It seems a little pretentious to put a sign up but who am I to judge?

Then there were the shows at Stitches Comedy Club with headliner Paul Bond. He was a funny guy and I really enjoyed watching him perform. He is working on a pilot for HBO, so look for that in the next year. We decided to take this picture with a fan who thought he would get dressed up for his big Saturday night date with a skull 8-ball t-shirt. Luckily, he was a great guy and an even better laugher.