Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lima, OH

I guess I can check off performing at an Eagles Lodge from my list. I just returned from a show with Mike Armstrong at a Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge in Lima, OH. Mike summed it up best when he said, "Apparently in Lima, Eagles means all white".

The most disturbing thing was the backdrop painted on the wall there. It was a graveyard with a skeleton coming out of its grave. Creepy. I was also amused by the large sign that stated in all capital letters "No Children on the Dance Floor". Yeah, because people in Lima are known for their stellar dance moves and we don't want kids getting in the way of the country line dancing.

I was told after the show that someone in the audience actually said, "He can stop with the TransAm jokes". Really? It took my show in November 2008 for you to realize that people make fun of your TransAm? Supposedly someone actually asked this guy if he had a trailor hitch on the back. Classic. Now that's a picture that I need to get someday.

On my drive to Lima, I was surprised by the snow. I am never ready for snow when it first comes.