Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 2008 Clinton County Comedy Tour

The Clinton County Comedy Tour was a success as we visited two new venues. Mike MacRae headlined the shows and everyone really enjoyed his comedy impressions. I hope we have as much fun whent he tour returns in the Spring.

Each time I do these shows, I always write a Top 10 about Clinton County. In case you missed the shows, here is the list:

Top 10 Signs the Holidays are Near in Clinton County, IL
written by John Garrett (

10. You see people in church you haven't seen since last Christmas.

9. Your family holiday dinner is at the American Legion because you are a Rakers. The Thole's are over at the VFW.

8. College kids come home from SIU Carbondale and complain about how hard it is to cook for themselves. Reason number 27 to go to Kaskaskia College.

7. You actually shoot the meat eaten at the holiday dinner.

6. You have to check your Christmas tree for critters since you cut it down next to your clubhouse.

5. People argue over which is better: a hayride in the back of a pickup truck or a hayride in the back of an El Camino. Either way, it is not a hayride.

4. People decorate their house for Christmas like idiots. Seriously, this isn't Summerfield, take down the inflatable Santa.

3. Kids start looking for good car hoods to use when sledding down the side of an interstate overpass.

2. The holiday parade in Carlyle consists of 4 marching bands, 3 old cars, 2 tractors and the Deien Chevrolet monster truck.

and the number one sign that the holidays are near...

1. You carve the pumpkin using the knife you just used to gut a deer.